What if You Had a Proven, Step-by-Step Formula to Create a Webinar That Converts Like Crazy and Feels Totally Authentic?

Have you ever attended a free webinar feeling excited to learn something new, only to show up and sit through the torture of a sales pitch for 30 minutes before cutting your losses and logging off? 

Me too. And it sucks. 

Maybe you've hosted a webinar of your own. You poured your heart and soul into creating something truly valuable. Because the last thing you want is to be one of those coaches who pushes the hard sell without teaching anything, so you take a softer approach. 

And, though your inbox filled up with effusive emails about how awesome the class was, nobody actually bought your program. 

You probably felt deflated and confused. 

Because other coaches out there seem to run successful webinars. So, what the heck is wrong with you? 

But if the only way to run a successful webinar is to become a used car salesman, no thanks. 

So, what's a coach to do?

It's not YOU, it's your formula... or lack thereof...

Most coaches make one of two mistakes with their webinars. 

Mistake #1: You don't provide enough value so nobody actually buys because they don't trust you and don't really understand your expertise. 

I know, I know... a lot of webinar experts out there teach you to focus on your customer's pain points. Then, highlight the mistakes they're making and promise to fix those mistakes... IF they buy your program. 

This old-school, hard-sell format often feels inauthentic. And, it prevents you from giving your audience a real-world taste of what it's like to work with you.

No wonder this approach doesn't convert like it used to. 

Mistake #2: You wing it because they're afraid of being too pushy or sales-y.

In an effort to avoid any ick-factor, you assume that a webinar is just like another class, livestream, or coaching session. You're really good at those, so why should a webinar be any diferent? 

Then... even if the webinar feels good, it completely falls flat when you present your offer because selling isn't at all like coaching and it's not your strength.

The Foolproof Webinar Formula IS the Solution You've Been Missing

Over the last decade, I've perfected online webinars (and in person presentations) to generate seven figures in my own business. And, now I'm sharing the system with you. 

Welcome to the Foolproof Webinar Formula.

It's the perfect combination of service and sales and it positions you as a trustworthy, knowledgable, and authentic expert that people rush to work with. 

The Foolproof Webinar Formula is designed to give you a soup-to-nuts roadmap to structure every word in your webinar so you feel confident, your audience feels cared for, and your bank account feels full. 

No more hard selling. No more wimping out or winging it. 

Here's What You'll Learn Inside this Self Guided System:

We'll kick this course off by exploring the art and science behind a webinar that converts. 

I'll teach you how to build your webinar backward from your best success stories so your audience feels completely connected to your stories and inspired to hire you. 

Module Two is designed to help you avoid over-selling and over-delivering. You'll learn exactly how to strike the balance between adding incredible and giving way too much.

That way, your audience will feel empowered by your message and excited to hire you instead of overwhelmed or intimidated. 

If your audience doesn't trust you, they won't hire you. So I'll show you how to tell your story through their eyes to build massive rapport that helps your webinar convert like crazy. 

You'll also learn how to set the sale up from the beginning of your webinar so nobody feels like you pulled a fast one when you present the pitch. 

There's an art to selling in an authentic way. No matter how comfortable you feel about sales, you can master the craft when you apply this step-by-step formula. 

I'll outline precisely how to highlight the benefits of your program in a dynamic way and how to present irresistable bonuses that make buying your program a complete no-brainer. 

This online course is designed to set you up with a complete and compelling webinar script that fits YOU like a glove and speaks right to your audience's heart. 

We'll pull things together in such a succinct way that you'll feel totally confident about the value your webinar will bring to your business, your bank account, and your audience.

The Regular Price of this Extraordinary Program is $1,997. Save $1,500 This Week Only.


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The Foolproof Webinar Formula is For You If...

  • You feel pretty good about your ability to invite folks into your webinar. This course covers everythng you need to know to craft awesome webinar content - not how to promote it. 
  • You've tried webinars before and your presentation pretty much crashed and burned.
  • You've always wanted to host a webinar, but you never knew how to present one that converts. 
  • You want to host live, in-person events and you need a proven and graceful way to sell. (Yup. I've used this very formula to sell $2.5 million at live events in under five years.)

The Foolproof Webinar Formula is NOT For You If...

  • You're looking for a marketing course to promote your webinar. The Foolproof Webinar Formula is all about crafting your talk, not promoing it. 
  • You prefer to keep your coaching practice small and only sell through one-on-one discovery sessions. #noshameinthatgame!
  • You have a habit of buying courses that you never really follow through with. This content is so super juicy, please don't waste your money if you know you won't take action. 

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Here's What You Need to Know...

The Foolproof Webinar Formula is a complete, self-guided online program. As soon as you register, you'll get immediate access. 

This is the only time I will sell the Foolproof Webinar Formula in 2019. 

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Believe me when I tell you that the system you'll learn is worth at least $25,000 - even if you only use it once. I say this because that's how much my students typically generate from their webinars.

So, if webinars are on your to-do list this year, The Foolproof Webinar Formula is a must-have program. 

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