The Rinse + Repeat System to
Sign 7 Paying Clients in 30 Days


“I signed 20 new clients!”

”I was at an all-time low before Client Surge... sitting in a place of 'I don’t know where my next client will come from…' Dallas taught me how to go out and ask for referrals, tripled my confidence and ability to close clients with her discovery session formula - without selling.  

The beauty of CS is it isn’t a one-time thing. Now, I always have a steady practice with 20 clients.”  

~ Michelle Pollack, Leadership Coach  

Client Surge delivers the most honest, authentic, and reliable system to find perfect match clients even if you're a brand new coach.



Class starts on January 13, 2023.
You'll get lifetime access to the entire course,
plus 10 bonus Q+A Group Coaching Calls so you can make the system your own and use it whenever you want more clients.

If you crave a simple + REPEATABLE way to:

✔ Find perfect-match prospects who already trust you

✔ Get them on a discovery call where you don’t have to feel salesy or pushy

✔ Enroll them with complete confidence and grace...

Ask yourself this business-changing question...

What’s the difference between having a reliable system (you have complete control over) to consistently find clients who can’t wait to refer you again and again...

And a fizzling business where you spend every single morning sipping your matcha tea staring at your computer screen asking...

“Where the heck is my next client coming from?”

Likely guesses include...

✖ Spending your mortgage on ads hoping they’ll pluck your ideal client from the ethers of Facebook and magically make them appear on your calendar.

✖ Distracting yourself for 6 full months as you wrestle with the latest "must-have" online funnel with all the bells and whistles. You know, like the Instagram influencer who screenshots their 6-figure Stripe account balance and said if you launch the same email funnel, you can make that much, too?

✖ Learning yet another sales technique that leaves you feeling like a pushy, inauthentic robot no matter how “non-salesy” that online course promised it would be.

(Not to mention, still leaving you with zero ways to follow-up with the “I have to think about it…” people in way that won't make you feel like a stalker.)

Nope. None of those are it!(especially the selling one)

Here’s why you’ve been struggling to find
enough clients using the above strategies…

You actually don’t need to “sell” to get clients. You have probably already been feeling that this selling thing doesn’t work for values-driven coaches.

It’s not how we're built. We also weren’t built to spend our time marketing all day...we are built to...ya a good coach and help people.

Luckily, you can avoid all these marketing headaches… 

  Say hello to the chance to sign 7 perfect match clients in a month.

(Think: Mr. Miyagi level “wax on, wax off” here.)

...using just 3 skills you need to implement a proven process to bring in a steady stream of high-quality leads (who already trust you) and turn them into happy, paying clients without ever feeling like you’re selling. Ever.

Even better? These are simple skills you can duplicate whenever you want. You’ll uncover how to tap into a network of people who will gladly hand you ready-to-invest clients... And you’ll know exactly what to say to sign those clients — no weird sales gimmicks required.

But first, let me tell you a quick story that involves… a panic attack and a Jeep Cherokee...

(as all good stories should)

My parents came to visit me back when I first started my business (20 years ago)...

Touring the city in the back of their Jeep for just 20 minutes, I started to feel the tingle of a panic attack. Before I knew it, I was in a full-on sweat storm…the reason?

How could I be snacking my way through the Venice Boardwalk while my business was barely getting by? As in not getting by — as in, I had zero clients.

The only thing I knew would stop this guilt was to get back to work.

My parents dropped me off and cut their trip short because who wants to spend their vacation with a sweaty, stressed out maniac?

And I got back to work. And by work, I mean sitting at my laptop Googling “how to find clients.”

Luckily for me.. the client gods soon took pity on me and I did land my first client — completely by accident.

You know those unicorn clients who somehow find and hire you. But you don’t know how the heck you made it happen (and if you could ever do it again).

It’s gotta be a full moon, or Mercury in retrograde, or some other mystical factor, right? 

But you're DONE relying on the full moon.
And you're also done with...

Posting on social endlessly only to hear crickets...

Hiding behind your inbox "working" on your business...

Starting and stopping yet again because you don't have a complete plan...

But mostly... the never-ending sales-trickery of the online world.

Awesome. Me, too! Keep reading...

So, with my one accidental client on board, I realized that it was time to create a system that relied on connection (aka quality referrals) to bring in people who already trusted me…

AND (read this closely if you’re someone who gets leads but even your best discovery sessions fall apart when it comes time to ask for money for what you do best)

...develop an enrollment process sans selling but instead feels like meeting a new friend and being your kind, helpful self.

My conversion rate quickly climbed to over 50%.
But the best part... my confidence quadrupled
because now I know how to find clients whenever I need them.

Now, I get to spend time with my daughter and husband without panic attacks...playing in the leaves, teaching them to hula hoop (hidden talent of mine), going on bike rides, tomato picking, weekends name it!

Oh, and my parents visit me plenty now, too. ;-) Maybe even a little too much, if we’re being honest.

Countless coaches have used Client Surge to transform their businesses (none have learned to hula hoop just yet...I’m working on it).


There are only 3 things you need to FIND MORE CLIENTS :


If you want to stop chasing leads all day, you need to tap into a network of people (right under your nose) who can’t wait to refer quality leads for you. And, no you don't need a massive network. You just need a fill-in-the-blank process.

..Like Jodie who surprised herself with more referrals than she expected.


If you want to eliminate no-shows and freebie seekers, you need to overhaul your discovery sessions (and intake form!) to create a strong sense of investment from leads before they even get on the call.  

..Like Melissa who slashed her percentage of no-shows in half inside Client Surge!  


Maybe leads aren’t the issue for you but when it comes to sealing the deal, you feel uncomfortable closing the sale because selling sucks and everybody knows it. You need to learn to let go of closing on the call and create an authentic follow-up instead.

..Like Jen here!



If you ever find yourself scrambling in your business or trying to put a strategy together with free stuff you find on the internet, we need to set you up for success from the beginning. 

Which is why the program begins with Your PreGame Checklist.  Where you'll understand all of the moving parts behind a successful surge so you can easily implement the plan.  

You’ll know exactly what to expect and get all of your emails, social posts, invite lists and sales call training in place so you can Surge with complete confidence. 

A lot of Surgers say that they start to sign clients as soon as they finish Phase 1 because it helps them show up completely differently for themselves and their business. Like Toya + Ana who signed clients in a jiffy simply because they saw the big picture plan.

When you join Client Surge now, you'll get to attend 10 live Q+A Coaching Calls so we can customize the system to match your values, goals, and personal style.

You can dive right into the entire program right away or enjoy the holidays and start in January.

Either way, you'll have plenty of time to get prepared before our ten Q+A calls begin on January 13th.





  • A Rinse and Repeat New Client Toolkit with templates for your Intake Form, Contract, Welcome Email, and Traction Report.
  • A cut and paste contract template to get you started.
  • Auto-Payments for All! So you can stop chasing clients down for payments or panicking that they might back out.
  • The Perfect Match Pricing Framework — to stop stumbling on your words when it's time to say your prices.
  • Onboard Like a Boss — the step-by-step checklist to move a client from "yes" to paid, signed, and ready to roll. Say goodbye to those overcomplicated or disorganized processes that scare new clients away.

    Class Begins on January 13th but Enrollment Ends on December 16th.

Want to add your wins alongside these other incredible coaches? Then it's time to get the support and the clients you deserve...  

Want results like these, too? 

Class Begins on January 13th But Enrollment Ends Soon.


Client Surge is for you if you’re done scrambling for clients, and...  

  • You feel pretty clear about who your ideal client is and how you serve them. Now you want a simple, low-tech system you can duplicate to call them forward and get to work changing lives.  
  • You have a group coaching program (or private client roster) you’re struggling to fill. Old strategies aren’t working and you need a fresh game plan.  
  • You're ready to ramp up your business with more paying clients but don't have a budget for advertising (and technology overwhelms you).  
  • You believe in the power of discovery sessions as a solid way to create clients. You just want to connect powerfully and convert with confidence...without selling.

And you’re willing to bring an open heart, a curious mind, and an extraordinary work ethic to put this system into action and finally create the client surge you deserve. 

“I signed 5 new clients just from using the Client Surge system!”

“Whenever I want to fill up the pipelines again...I simply go back to the system. With the swipe files and with methodology the system is so scalable, whether you’re just starting out or been at it for awhile.  

The community and level of participation between the surgers is amazing. Not only will you meet new friends, you’ll learn so much just from the beautiful people surrounding you.  

It’s not something you want to wait can’t go wrong making this investment.”  

~Wendy Breakstone, Business Management & Systems Expert  

Questions Coaches Ask Before Saying “Heck Yes!” to Client Surge...

You'll have plenty of time to go through the pre-recorded modules and action guides. Then, we'll meet for 8 live group Q+A coaching calls starting on June 2nd.


A sustainable, profitable business does require your time which is why I think your question *really* is… "Will I feel stressed and burned out with no solid plan…?" Client Surge is laid out in 7 step-by-step, foolproof modules to go deep into your sales process, pricing, and message. In just 6 weeks - follow the plan and do the work - you'll have a FULL coaching roster.(That's just a little over 30 days.) Check out how FAST April did this...


Let's see what Randi has to say… because she wrote me an email about this very thing...


Leanne felt this way, too...her business was pretty new. She felt nervous to ask for referrals. But she followed the steps and look at what happened… Leanne asked 40 people for referrals and within minutes, 20 people said yes. A couple of minutes later…she had 2 discovery sessions booked. And the leads kept coming in…


I could list out student after student who made their investment in Client Surge triple fold (like Christie who made OVER $57,000 in 90 days!) But that little guy on your shoulder still asks, "Yeah, but can YOU do it?" Investing in yourself is personal. Early on in my business, I found a program on creating a successful online business. I was 30K in credit card debt (and owed my sister 10K as a biz loan). (Ooph) No way should I have opened my wallet for anything more than a banana. BUT I realized that I couldn't afford to not make the investment. For 10 months, I listened to the training + implemented every single step. Guess what? My biz increased by 101%! Maybe you know this is possible for you but you're still scared to enroll. To make it an absolute no-brainer, you can get started for just $950, OR split it up into three payments of $316.67 If you do the work, that second payment will feel like a 100 dollar bill does to Oprah. Plus, I'll SAVE you thousands, if not tens of thousands in FB Ads, social media marketing, and time.


Great! Your question has been answered and you want Client Surge before enrollment ends on December 16th.


“From 0 clients to 9 clients in less than 3 months (69% conversion rate!) in their brand new business…”

“The way the discovery sessions are set up gave us a way to move through the call that didn’t feel like selling, it felt like meeting a new friend and a value ad for them.  

Plus, the [Q+A calls] made us realize how important coaching is and how much you need that support system.   

~Natalie Cordone + Kevin Kelly, The Connected Performer 

Let’s Recap What You Get…

  • FULL Access to 10 Training Modules + Companion Action Guides to walk you through every step of the Client Surge System. Including...
  • Pre-Game Checklist to set you up for Surge Success without the stress.
  • Sales Call Confidence: The step by step process for sales calls that don't feel anything like sales calls!
  • Five Star Follow Up: A proven 3 part plan to convert more leads into clients without being pushy or awkward. If you've never known how to follow up with folks after a sales call, this process is your new business bestie.
  • Irresistible Invite Letters: The perfect formula to follow up with those folks who just need to think about it before hiring you.
  • The Show Up Strategy: The Step-by-step process to eliminate sales call no-shows and build trust with potential new clients before you've even met them.
  • Rock Solid Referrals: The proven way to bring in qualified referrals through word of mouth marketing no matter how small your network may be.
  • Powerful Personal Invites: Reliable + simple templates and scripts to directly invite email subscribers or social media fans to a discovery session.
  • 30 Social Media Templates: Put yourself out there with confidence and ease with road-tested social posts that you can tweak and make your own in a matter of minutes.
  • Awesome Onboarding: No more awkward payment conversations or incomplete prep work. You'll learn how to onboard your new clients with grace and confidence.
  • Clients on Tap: The fortune is in the follow through and you'll know exactly how and when to follow up on leads without feeling desperate or stalker-ish. That's thanks to our Red, Yellow, Green System.
  • BONUS: 8 Live, group Q+A Coaching Calls to match the Client Surge system to your unique business, style, and values.
  • BONUS: Complete Access to New Client Now What? My signature course with sample contracts, traction reports, welcome emails, and automatic payment methods to welcome every new client with style.


The most profound way you can leave an impact on this world is by getting to do what you LOVE…

Because you’re a good coach. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. Being stuck in the stop-and-go guessing game of client attraction keeps you from creating that impact.

And the shiny object syndrome on the internet doesn’t help.

That’s why simple is always better. Tried and true client strategies that don’t require fancy plug-ins, expensive platforms and complicated plans may not sound sexy but they are the most reliable way to bring in all the coaching clients you’ll ever need.

Which leaves you with 3 choices…

  • You can continue to scrap together bits and pieces from different coaches on lead generation, sales, pricing, and hope it leads to that steady stream of clients (whether they fit or not) to your existing practice.  
  • You can invest a ton of time and money trying to crack the key to Facebook ads or decide you *just* need to finish your website and you’ll finally be ready to get your business off the ground.  
  • You can follow the simple, proven path already forged for you that utilizes a no-cost, low-tech method that makes more money and helps more people.

If you want a full client roster in less than 6 weeks and to get back to being the coach you started your business for in the first place, and choice #3 is calling out to you...

...then I want to thank you for allowing me to give you the system and community to fill your practice with absolute ease. I can’t wait to help you make it happen.

xo Dallas 

Ready to Reach Your Client Getting Goals This Winter?