After months of heartfelt consideration, I’ve decided to close the doors on my coaching programs for actors.  

Thank you for your bravery - facing rejection in the audition room so you can pour your guts out on set telling stories that make others think, laugh, cry, and connect.  

Thank you for sharing your journey with me. Together, we’ve landed over 3000 agents and managers, booked three times that many jobs, developed 1430 accountability partnerships (two ending in marriage, BTW!), produced dozens of award winning projects, and did the real work of growing as conscious, caring, artistic human beings.  

I love actors and I adore YOU. So, thank you. Just thank you.  

So, where should you go for tools and support? I give this list the seal of approval because I have personally mentored each person on it. They run their businesses with heart, and they're damn good at what they do.  

Love, Dallas

PS: If you own one of my courses, just click here to access your course materials.