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For six years running, 35% of the actors who dive into the Book a Job Challenge book a next-level job in six weeks or less. Considering that the industry odds give you a 1 in 2400 change of just getting called in, I'd say we just put the odds in your favor. 

In this self-guided program that rocks, you’ll get six full weeks of action steps, video training, marketing tools, mindset strategies and pure momentum. Best of all, because you’ll have all the Book a Job tools at your fingertips, you can take The Challenge as often as you want. In fact, most Book a Job Grads work the Challenge into their ongoing career strategy.


  • The step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks formula that has helped hundreds of actors book their biggest jobs yet.
  • Action Kits with daily, weekly and extra-credit steps you can customize to fit your needs.
  • Scripts to help you share your goal without feeling like a jackass.
  • Laser-focused Mindset tools to get you out of your own way.
  • Simple and inventive ideas for social media and self-taping.
  • Strategic Book a Job Roadmap to eliminate all of the guesswork.
  • Worksheets and checklists to help you stay on track and in control.
  • Nine training videos to motivate, inspire, and give you a good ‘ol kick in the butt.  

The Book a Job Challenge puts you in the driver’s seat, providing you with cutting edge yet simple marketing and mindset tools to help you book your next big job. But more importantly, the Book a Job Challenge is designed to change the way you run your acting business, bringing you more confidence, more energy, and of course more work.


*** ACTING 180 ***

ACTING 180 is for you if...

You’re that hard working, well-trained, super committed actor ready to book that big job, land those awesome reps, and actually make a living doing what you love. You’re in it for the long haul and ready to make this acting thing happen. For real.  

Yet, at times (maybe even most of the time!), you feel frustrated because you think you’re doing all of the right things, but you just can’t seem to get any real traction. Your career feels like a roller coaster and it’s getting to you.  

You know you’re this close to a major career breakthrough, but you can’t quite see how to cut through the noise and find that break you’ve been working toward.


Complete Career Reboot This self-guided, deep dive program is designed to help you realign your goals and actions with who you really are. You’ll learn how to define success for yourself, raise the stakes so you take bold action, and create the career you desire most.

Five Deep-Dive Group Coaching Sessions You’ll hear me apply my life coaching certification, Spiritual Psychology background, and entrepreneurial skills to help actors overcome real and overwhelming obstacles in their careers and accomplish meaningful goals in their lives. Thanks to the vulnerability, openness, and clarity of each actor on the call, you’ll learn so much about how to make Acting 180 work for you.  

Five Game Changing Acting 180 Video Lessons Think of these tools as a reality check. You’ll learn how to trust your craft and your skills. You’ll learn to believe that the industry has your back! You’ll get honest about what works for you and what just keep you busy. Plus, you’ll create a new plan of action that’s aligned with how you want to feel instead of with what you think you should be doing.  

Acting 180 is not about fitting your career into a box. It’s not about rules or even tactics. It’s about trusting yourself, prioritizing what matters most, turning career ‘have tos’ into career ‘get tos’. You’ll walk away with a deep sense of purpose that’s directly connected to the actions you take toward acting success every single day. Best of all, you’ll trust yourself more than any guru, guidebook, or formula out there.



Actors, it's time to take control. It's time to consistently build your dream career on your own terms by harnessing the power of relationships. But first, you need a systematic, automatic, value-driven marketing plan that doesn't eat up all your time or your money.

That's where the Actors' Business Blueprint comes in. This is the fully-loaded, newly updated version of my proven formula that has helped hundreds of actors attract high-caliber auditions, book next-level jobs, land rockin' representation, and propel their careers and their confidence to staggering new heights.  


  • How to set short and long term goals aligned with who you are and what you want
  • How to stay consistent in your monthly marketing plan in less than 90 minutes per day
  • How to define your type without pigeonholing yourself
  • Strategically build a target list and turn them into fans
  • Five proven ways to send monthly mailings that work
  • Social media basics to get going online. 
  • How to fasttrack your way to more auditions by acting like your own agent
  • Powerful ways to network without feeling like a weirdo. 
  • How to use phone calls and pitch videos to get more auditions 

The Actor's Business Blueprint is for you if you really want to move the needle every month on your career goals, but you need a proven and simple plan to do it. It's the perfect companion to the 42-Day Book a Job Challenge as well as the Actors' Business Breakthrough. 



I've pulled the Best of the Best from the Thriving Artist Circle to give you actionable and inspiring tools you can put to work right away. 

These power coaching calls, career mastery videos, and guest expert interviews are designed to give you the focus, energy, and knowledge you need to book better work, land awesome representation, and expand your network like never before.  

Whether you need a game plan for awesome reps, strategic marketing advice to book your next gig, or new motivation to get back in the game, we've got your back.

24 Power Coaching Sessions

You'll have immediate access to my favorite coaching calls with individual actors just like you who are willing to do the inner work and take the big actions to get real career momentum. Here's a list of some the topics we'll cover:  

  • Market Yourself Without Stepping on Your Agent's Toes
  • The Back Door Approach to Booking Film Work 
  • The Art of the Drop Off
  • Practical and Spiritual Ways to Get Out of a Funk
  • How to Know When It's Time to Leave Your Reps

12 Enlightening Industry Interviews

From series regulars and broadway pros to the leading teachers and experts in the industry, you'll have 12 illuminating audios with real world advice from the people who know best. Here's the list of guests:  

  • Chesley Crisp: Behind the Scenes of a Series Regular
  • Jeff Meachum: How to Be on Two Series at the Same Time
  • Amir Arison: Work hard. Be Generous. Go the Extra Mile.
  • Philip Hernandez: The Difference Between Acting on Stage and Acting on Camera
  • Roz Coleman: Your Art is Your Purpose. Let It Shine  

12 Career Mastery Training Videos

My team of TAC Mentors and I have put our heart, soul, and expertise into 12 awesome and actionable training videos designed to bring you results (and confidence) quickly. It was really hard to pick just twelve videos, but we did it. Here's what you'll learn:  

  • Become a Networking Ninja
  • Build a Budget That Works
  • Acting Confidence: What It Really Comes Down To
  • The Three P's of Self-Producing
  • Social Media Time Savers for Actors
  • The One Thing You Need to Do in the Callback to Book the Job

Regular Price: $147.


Thank you for your bravery: facing rejection every damn day in the audition room so you can pour your guts out telling stories that make others think, laugh, cry, and connect.  

Thank you for sharing your journey with me. Together, we’ve landed over 3000 agents and managers, booked three times that many jobs, developed 1430 accountability partnerships (two ending in marriage, BTW!), produced dozens of award winning projects, and did the real work of growing as conscious, caring, artistic human beings.  

I love actors and I adore YOU.  

That's why I'm offering these timeless and proven programs to you one last time at these extraordinary prices. I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity and let me help you one last time.