Working Actors Toolbox

Book More Work, Make Strong Connections, + Feel Like a Boss


Working Actor's Toolbox

I'm Dallas Travers and I've pulled the Best of the Best from the Thriving Artist Circle to give you actionable and inspiring tools you can put to work right away. 

These power coaching calls, career mastery videos, and guest expert interviews are designed to give you the focus, energy, and knowledge you need to book better work, land awesome representation, and expand your network like never before. 

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside the Working Actor's Toolbox.

Whether you need a game plan for awesome reps, strategic marketing advice to book your next gig, or new motivation to get back in the game, we've got your back.

24 Power Coaching Sessions

You'll have immediate access to Dallas' favorite coaching calls with individual actors just like you who are willing to do the inner work and take the big actions to get real career momentum. Here's a list of some the topics she covers: 

  • Awesome Questions to Raise When Game-planning With Your Rep 
  • Market Yourself Without Stepping on Your Agent's Toes
  • Book Top Level Jobs Without Representation 
  • The Back Door Approach to Booking Film Work 
  • The Art of the Drop Off
  • Easy Ways to Feel Creative and Be Consistent 
  • Be the Best Agent You'll Ever Have 
  • Practical and Spiritual Ways to Get Out of a Funk
  • Do You Trust That the Business Has Your Back?
  • Feel Worthy Whether You're Working or Not. 
  • How to Know When It's Time to Leave Your Reps
  • Your Workshop-Free Marketing Plan

12 Enlightening Industry Interviews

From series regulars and broadway pros to the leading teachers and experts in the industry, you'll have 12 illuminating audios with real world advice from the people who know best. Here's the list of guests: 

  • Bret Shuford: Working Actor Interview - Broadway Life
  • Chesley Crisp: Working Actor Interview - Behind the Scenes of a Series Regular
  • Jeff Meachum: How to Be on Two Series at the Same Time
  • Amir Arison: Work hard. Be Generous. Go the Extra Mile.
  • Philip Hernandez: The Difference Between Acting on Stage and Acting on Camera
  • Roz Coleman: Your Art is Your Purpose. Let It Shine
  • Gameela Wright: Demystify the Age Myth
  • Bob Burg: How to Be a Goal Giver
  • Josh Pais: How to Use Your Audition Nerves 
  • Molly Pearson: Produce Your Own Work
  • Liz Kimball: How I Learned to Be Bold

12 Career Mastery Training Videos

My team of TAC Mentors and I have put our heart, soul, and expertise into 12 awesome and actionable training videos designed to bring you results (and confidence) quickly. It was really hard to pick just twelve videos, but we did it. Here's what you'll learn: 

  • Become a Networking Ninja
  • How to Create a Living Vision
  • Build a Budget That Works
  • Discover Your Why
  • Acting Confidence: What It Really Comes Down To
  • The Three P's of Self-Producing
  • Social Media Time Savers for Actors
  • The One Thing You Need to Do in the Callback to Book the Job
  • Make Requests for Referrals and Reviews
  • Overcome Overwhelm and Get Stuff Done
  • Video Cover Letters and Pitch Videos
  • 10 Ways to Grow your Social Media Following

If You Want Actionable Tools + Motivation to Propel Your Acting Career Forward FAST, this Toolbox is for YOU.

Learn from Working Actors

Series regulars, recurring characters, and Broadway pros share ther insights and experience about what it takes to pay all your bills through acting and work with people you admire in the industry. 

Master Your Marketing 

Whether it's mastering social media, formulating your target list, asking for referrals, writing cover letters that work, taking risks, or making sure your marketing voice stands out from the crowd, we've got your back!

Believe in Yourself

One of the trickiest parts of the acting pursuit is just staying confident. You'll hear me coach other actors - just like you - through their own inner blocks to dig deep and find the sustainable self-belief you need to truly succeed. 

Get Clear + Stay on Track

I get it... you just want a plan to feel good about. This means clarity and confidence, and the Working Actor's Toolbox is designed to give you just that. Pick and choose the tools you want to learn each month and get going!


Meet Dallas...

I'm Dallas Travers and I've helped more than 2,000 actors secure representation, and countless more book work in film, television, and on the Broadway stage.  

I've also coached students to self-produce their own projects, create fruitful relationships with their representation and industry fans, and build successful side businesses that support their acting pursuits while putting money in the bank.

I love working with actors because you know your purpose. Acting is the gift you give to the planet, and you put yourself out there everyday to tell stories that make people think differently.


The Real Deal. 

"I owe a large part of my success to the mindset changes and teachings of Dallas Travers. The materials inside the Working Actor's Toolbox provided me with real life knowledge that I just can't find anywhere else and a place where I can take ownership of my career. " 

Natalie Kim, actress, Madam Secretary


Tools That Move Me Forward.

The trainings, guest expert calls and coachings are an inexhaustible set of resources, and I am inspired to take action in new and meaningful ways every time I dive in. But more fundamentally, they give me the opportunity to strengthen my mindset in a very powerful way--always moving forward, never looking back.

Clayton Dean Smith, actor, director,Off Track Betty, Billions

The Working Actors Toolbox

This one-of-a-kind program is filled with the best-of-the-best training personally handpicked from my beloved Thriving Artist Circle. 

You get immediate access to 24 coaching audios, 12 guest expert interviews, and 12 career training videos designed to give you tools and motivation to book more work, build a stronger team and feel like a boss. 

These tools are just too good to miss. Which is why, you can get immeditae acccess to the entire Working Actors Toolbox now for only $63.00. 

This sale price ends at midnight on December 8, 2017. After that, the price goes up to $126.